Antoinette Baker


Antoinette was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. Growing up with creative parents and being fortunate to have lived and worked in some of the most striking and interesting locations in the world, including London, Menorca, Corfu, Cairo, Beirut and Melbourne, it was inevitable that Antoinette would develop into someone who not only has an eye for detail and beauty but also an eye for difference and imaginative ways of looking at the world.

After gaining a Diploma in Interior Design from the Design and Arts College of New Zealand, Antoinette moved to London where she trained in Theatre/Event Production and Management. She has worked in the creative industries for over 18 years and this experience has given her a wonderful creative base from which to draw inspiration for her work. While working as a Project Manager, she decided she wanted a change of career. She became a photographer completely by accident when Ken and Cathy encouraged her to join their busy and growing company. Antoinette then travelled to Melborne to gain experience in lighting and portraiture with a professional photography studio. Her work was critiqued by top Australian Photographer Rocco Ancorra who told her she had a gifted eye for photography that cannot be learnt. Going from strength to strength in her work not only has Antoinette proven herself to be an exceptional photographer but has also proven to have a sound business head when she took over the management of Ken Baker Photography 2 years ago. 

Antoinette has worked across all areas of photography during the last 11 years and her portfolio shows great strength in sport, dance, photojournalism and children's portraiture. She believes that portrait images should be timeless and this timelessness can be seen clearly in her unique style of 'catching the moment' and shying away from photography styling fads or posed imaging.Through her abitlity to create images that evoke strong emotion in those who view them she is setting her work apart from her peers.

A passionate traveler with a life long love for immersing herself in new countries and cultures, Antoinette hopes to soon combine her love of travel and photography believing that as long as you are experiencing something for the first time or living outside your comfort zone you are always learning.

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