Ken Baker

"Photography is a medium of formidable contradictions, it is both incredibly easy and impossibly difficult." 
- Edward Steichen


Ken Baker APSNZ, BSc is a freelance photographer who covers all areas of photography but is especially drawn to photojournalism, and works both on location and in the studio.

He has won many awards including the New Zealand Brian Brake Photo Journalism Award; 3rd place in the Photographic Society of New Zealand Photojournalism Awards; the New Zealand Natural History Award; the PSNZ National Photojournalism Award; the Champion Photojournalism Print at PSNZ Southern Regional Salon; and the silver medal in the Laurie Thomas New Zealand Landscape Competition.

"The aim of photojournalism is to capture the deepest essence of the moment, to instantly grab the attention of the viewer, and to provoke a passionate reaction in them by stirring their soul."

"Photography is my Guru. It teaches me about life in a unique way by leading me towards new horizons and challenges beyond the superficial, enabling me to identify and capture the deepest essence of the moment. In all my images I endeavor to make the commonplace uncommon, capture the outer world, and the essence of my subjects which relate to it."

"Photography to me is a lifestyle not a job, and I do it to make my life fuller and more satisfying. I cannot imagine doing anything else."

Ken Baker

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